Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Effortless Activites

Every mom knows how invaluable mess-free, effortless, keep them busy activities are. Here are a couple for things I have come across for Anna. I have to admit that I was almost more excited to find them then she was to do them.

Activity #1 - Mess- Free Finger Painting

When someone says finger painting, I shudder. I have to be in a very good state of mind and very prepared before I will even think about getting out the paint. But the thing is that one of Anna's all time favourite things to do is paint so we have a dilema. Not now. A friend posted this idea on their facebook and I tried it and it is GREAT!

All you do is put some tempra paint into a big ziplock bag and tape it over a sheet of white paper unto the table. Anna played with this for a long time. To find the complete instrutcions go to: http://hippiehousewife.blogspot.ca/2012/01/mess-free-finger-painting.html

Activity #2 - A Sandbox

My sister-in-law came up with this one. I  really wanted Anna to have a sandbox to play in but wanted to try to avoid the mess from her sitting in it and getting her clothes covered.We also wanted something that would be cheap and small enough to fit on our back deck.  So Adam fastened a rubbermaid tote with a cover to a an old wodden table and WOOLAH! Anna loves it and is even getting better at keeping the sand in the box. She also is very diligent to put the cover on when she is done playing. Notice there isn't very much sand in it. There doesn't need to be. We fill it up when we need to but we started off with it half full and the sand just ended up on the floor of the deck.

Activity #3 -  Busy Bags

For anyone who hasn't seen these yet, busy bags are wonderful. There are tons of ideas for them on the internet. Just search for them on Google and the ideas are endless. They are basically simple, activities in a bag for kids to do.
Here's a couple I particularily like:

This one is the button snake. All you need is a piece of ribbon with a button on it and some felt pieces. I am planning on making one today. I'll let you know how Anna likes it. :)

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  1. those are very neat activities :-) I love the paint idea!!!

    For the sand box idea, I use rice (that I dyed with food colouring) and put a bit into a big bin (those plaxtic storing bin works really well and fit 1 or 2 of our little girls) and they play in there,if their is some rice that comes out of the box, not a big deal, sweep and put it back in (great for those very cold winter days when going out is not always practical)