Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fun With Felt

I got a little carried away with the felt yesterday. It is amazing how many wonderful things you can do with it. So I am calling this post "Fun with Felt" I hope you and your kiddies enjoy playing with these things as much as A and I did :)

Activity 1 : Button Snake

This is a continuation from my last post when I posted all those busy bag ideas.

Well true to my word I did make a button snake and A loves it. As you can see by the picture, I attached mine to a little container so that A would have a place to store the little pieces of felt. I must admit she likes the container and cover more than practising her buttoning skills, but I figure she will grow into it. I just got an old container and poked a hole in the middle of the cover. I tied a knot in one end of the ribbon and sewed a button on the other end. Then I cut my pieces of felt and folded them at a diagonal to cut a slit in them for the button. This worked out better then I thought because I can pull the ribbon through the cover and store the extra length in the container with the felt squares. So neat and compact. Lovely!

Activity 2: Mini - Felt Board 
Remember those felt boards in Sunday School? Well now your kids can have their own and practise their shapes at the same time. This is a really simple project. I cut a piece of dark coloured felt the size of the inside of a DVD jacket and put it in the clips to hold it in place. Then I cut different shapes from different colours of felt. A loved sticking the shapes to the background piece and we named off the shapes while she was doing it. I store all the shapes inside the jacket when she is not using it.

Activity 3 : Huge Felt Board

I have to give all credit for this one to my big sis Amy. She is the craft genius in our family. A couple of years ago, when I was a teacher and not yet a mom, she made me and gave me a bag full of different felt cut-outs. She also gave me a huge (2"x4") black felt board. My students loved using it during their free time to tell stories. In one of my many moves over the years the felt board went missing so I found an Easter decoration and used the felt backing as my board. A's birthday is this weekend so she loved the Dora birthday pieces and sang "appie, birday to me" as she tried to blow out the candle on the felt cake. Boots even has little bunny slippers on! As you can see by the other pics there is no end to the possibilities you can make out of felt for the board. I know A will get hours of enjoyment out of this felt activity. Thanks Sis!
Dress up dolls, crayons, camping supplies
suns, clouds, candy canes and mittens.
So much do make and play with.
She even made a felt puzzle out of
glittery black felt, and puff paints.

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