Friday, 23 March 2012

Prayer Wall

 My heart's desire is to raise my children to be a blessing to God. Admittedly, I have no idea how to do that. So I am trying to learn from the best... those amazing mom's God has introduced into my life, the older generations of heaven's soldiers and books, sermons and other like minded blogs.  Something I have been learning from Brother Denny (ie: Denny Kenasten - highly recommended but you have to get past his hellfire and brimestone tone to really appreciate his wisdom) is that you have to start young, be enthusiastic, intentional and habitual. Well young I have, Anna is not yet two. Enthusiastic I sometimes can overdo. Intentional and habitual...  okay, that is where I have trouble. I get these ideas and they last for a couple of days and I simply forget or erase it with something else. 
Anna's daily goes to the Prayer Wall
and asks to "pway" for someone.

One idea I did have and actually followed through with was our prayer wall. I printed pictures off of all the cherished people in our lives and put them on a wall in our kitchen (and just so you know, if I didn't have a picture in our library I creeped it from facebook)  Now me being me, intended to have it serve as a reminder to pray for someone everytime I passed it. But me being me, made it a invisible fixture in my life and completely forgot to do that after a couple of passes. Something I am learning though is that children do not forget, at least my daughter doesn't. One day I caught her picking the ticky tack off one of the pictures and I explained to her why that was wrong because we wanted those pictures to stay up there so we could pray for people. I got her to point to a couple of the pictures and I said quick and to the point prayers for them. Since then it has become a must-do everyday. After breakfast, Anna will get her stool and go over to the Prayer Wall and started talking to the people in the pictures. Her demand to "pway" will slowly and determendly get louder and more persistent until I go over and pray for the people in the pictures she is pointing to. She always does about four and then her attention is elsewhere and she doesn't mention it again until the next day after breakfast. Hopefully, I am instilling a compassionate heart in my child and teaching her to be excited to talk to her Father on their behalf. If anything I am learning that myself. 


  1. this is a very sweet idea, loving it :-)

    Today the kids from school nearby were walking by our house in the middle of the morning with "Acadians" flag and making lots of noises with instruments. (I have no clue why they were doing this and why the police block our road for this?) But Rebekah seeing all the kids said to me

    "Mama I want to say Jesus to those kids"

    I ask her why?

    She said "Because I love Jesus"

    Nothing like witnessing child like faith to melt you heart!

  2. Shari writes:
    This is exciting. Thank you for posting this. Kim, we are a lot alike. I began blogging this past February as I felt God directing me to blog my journey with Him, the ways He inspires me and the little details of the journey that bring great results down the road. I have prayed that people will just come upon it as He wills for that to happen. I have also started documenting my journey with God and it has been such a weapon of faith. I was bringing out one of my journals today and reading how God delivered us in 2010. I felt as though God is asking me to re-read the entire journal as it is loaded with scripture and His word in my life for that season. We definitely are in a new season and it's neat to hear Him speak of how He is leading us this time. I actually asked my husband to pick me up a new journal so I can start a new one again. I like this blog site. I want to see if I can start one like this. Do you have any suggestions?
    Also, you're prayer wall is such a great idea. I don't have a lot of pictures of people very recently so there must be another way that I can do this. Perhaps, a list on our fridge. I know it's a great way to teach our children!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh what a great idea Kim. That is something that I should do too. We actually have a cork board with a bunch of pictures on it but turning it into a prayer wall is an amazing idea. I see our picture made it up there and I recognize a lot of people that we love too :) So happy that you've started to blog!

  4. Kim, this is incredibly sweet and what a great idea! So often we get caught up in our own lives we forget about others. Thank you for reminding me how selfish one can be. This is a wonderful activity to get children involved with praying, I am too going to try this with Riley and Rhaya!