Sunday, 25 March 2012

Trash or Treasure

Confession time :

I am a garbage scrounger! It's true. I mean I don't pick up peoples' garbage bags, throw them into my trunk and sort through them, but if there is something at the end of someone's lane (PEI slang for driveway) then I see it a mile off and slow down to see if it is worthwhile stopping for. One rule I always follow is that I try to ask permission before I take it. Especially in the case of kid's toys because they may have just gotten left laying around and not be meant for the garbage. It may seem weird to ask because then you are announcing yourself to complete strangers as an scrounger but  I have met some very nice people that way. You should see their graditude to know their junk is getting more use. One guy even took me into his garage to get a part for something I was taking from his pile. Adam used to be embaressed by this quality habit of mine. He would refuse to turn the car around but even he can't pass up free and match my scrounging sense with his fixing abilities and we have a perfect recipe for great finds. I can't wait for Spring Clean - Up!
Exhibit A - Anna's new toddler bed

Exhibit B - Anna' Kitchen Center
(Actually a Grammie find. She is a scrounger too)
Exhibit D - Doll Stroller
We found this one in Ontario and
brought it back in our luggage.

Exhibit C - Anna's Power Wheels
This couple was moving and
didn't think it worked.Adam got it working though :)
Exhibit E - Anna's Pink Trike
Adam really did not want to turn around and go back for this one,
but with a new seat and pedal it is great!

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