Saturday, 7 April 2012

Potty Training

The first time we sat Anna on a potty, she was 3 months old. Sounds crazy, I know! That's what I thought at first too. But I am no longer a skeptic. We read this book call "Elimination Communication" that we borrowed from a friend. The lady who wrote the book is a little granola and a little way out there. She NEVER diapers her kids and has them potty trained by like 9 months. Adam and I mostly just tried our own way to save on diapers and were shocked to have it actually work.

According to the author, babies typically always pee as soon as they wake up. So to start, we put Anna on the potty as soon as she woke up in the morning or after a nap. As she got older and began to sit up on her own, we put her on the potty every time we changed her diaper. To our shock and amazement she started doing something in her potty more times than not. It got to the point that at around 10 months she was consistently doing #2 in her potty and holding it until she got on there.

As she got older and more busy, she mostly just peed on the potty, but at least she was aware of the potty's function and knew how to use it.

At 16 months, we decided to take the plung and started to fully training her. We read an article we found on Baby Center It claimed to be a way to train a baby to use the potty in three days. It was intense. Three days of no diapers and basically following her around with a pot. She wasn't fully trained after that but well on her way. She was out of diapers except for naps, trips and bed time. Potty training is a commitment, we soon found out, and Anna still wasn't able to communicate needing to go so we had to make sure we took her every so often. Now whether it was the three day method or Elimination Communication helped or it was all just dumb luck, Anna was trained to use the potty (both #1 and #2)  by 20 months with accidents only once in a very rare while.

We bought a Baby Bjorn potty for Anna. They run about $40 new, but we got ours off KIJIJI for $15. Adam rigged up a strap on it for keeping them on when they are wee little and when they are busy when they're older. Anna likes strapping herself in now just because she is obsessed with buckles. We also have a couple of seats that go on the toilet for travelling.

Because we had such great success with Anna, we have started "potty training" Caleb. We didn't start as early because well, truthfully I was just too busy or lazy. But he is sitting up now and loves being on the potty. He hasn't produced yet, but the amount of times he gets mommy during changing, he should soon aim it into the pot.

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