Monday, 2 April 2012

Rainbow Cake

It's hard to believe my sweet little Anna bear is 2 years old! I really wanted to make a cake for her birthday that reflected her interest at this age. She loves colours, so I decided to make a rainbow cake. I got the idea of the internet a few months ago and have been planning it since then. Adam always cautions me when it comes to making cakes. I have a mental image of what I want it to look like and always work so hard to make it look like that only to become frustrated and disappointed by the actual outcome. But my mother was visiting this weekend and acted as a second set of hands and the cake turned out really nice. Anna loved it. As she ate it she would rhyme off the colours. Here is a picture story of it. You can find the recipes for the cake and icing in my recipes. :)
It may look complicated but was pretty simple. I made a double batch of my classic white cake recipe and used a kitchen scale to seperate the batter into six equal parts. Coloured the batter with Wiltons gel food colouring and baked each one. Then I put the layers together with icing in between each one.

I lathered white icing over the entire thing and let it sit in the fridge overnight and then put another thin layer of blue over it.

The pieces where really tall and thin and barely fit on the plate, but no one complained.


  1. Kim you are amazing. I love how you are having such fun staying home with your kids. Makes me wish I could turn back the time and relive my years at home with my own kiddies. Too late for me to try these things with Tommy, Kayla, and Dougie but I'll keep the ideas stowed away until I'm a grammy

  2. Wow Kim, that is amazing cake making and decorating skills you have there :-) Please Kiss and Hug Anna from me and wish her the best second birthday ever :-)