Friday, 27 April 2012


One of my joys in life is reading. When I was younger and had more time on my hands (aka... before I had children), I devoured books by the dozens a month. Now I am lucky to get through one in a year.

In order for a book to grab me it has to:
- be on a topic worth reading. My time is precious. I don't want to waste it reading something that is not going to impact me in some way.
- be entrancing. You know those books that grab you from the word go? The ones you can't put down and when you do have to put them down, you can't wait to pick them up again?
- be calming and easy to understand.  I read for relaxation. Anything too heavy and I'm done, book closed and off to do something more worth my time.
- be recommended to me by someone. I love reading books that have been tried and test and ring true.

There is nothing worse than picking a book off the shelf that sounds intersting, get it home and regret having paid the money for it.

This all said, I have started a page with my carefully chosen and deemed worthy reads.

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  1. I hear you about not being able to read as much as before motherhood :-)

    But for the cost of book here are my tips

    -I downloaded kindle (free) on my computer so that I can read books for free or really cheap (amazon has them for under 5$)

    - borrow books, library or friends etc... so you don't feel bad if you don't like it,it didn't cost you anything :-)

    I read "The Help" a few month ago (Oma lend it to me) read it after the girls were in bed, let's just say it was so good that I had a few days needing to catch up on the lack of sleep, this reading cause me hehe! I recommend it, it's captivating, relaxing, and the story well written.

    Another fun to read to relax favourite of mine are the Green Gable series and the "blue castle"

    Have a wonderful weekend Kim
    Love you