Monday, 7 May 2012

Milestones: Bum Scooting

Every milestone that Avalanche and Cyclone reach has been special, amazing and wonderful in its own way. It is incredible to see them develop and reach the next step little by little.

I was particularly excited for Cyclone to start crawling. Partly, because it is such a monumental milestone. It is the one that makes you feel like they have grown from that stagnant, stuck, bump to a going, independent, mover. Also partly, because Avalanche was a crawler at 6 months and was up and walking at 9 months.

So at 9 months, I was getting a little impatient for Cyclone to get going. Everyone kept saying, "Every child is different. Don't expect him to do things the same times as her." So I waited patiently. Then I started helping him. Problem is: He hates his belly. Since a young age he has always hated being put on his belly. I believe this intense dislike comes from distrust of his sister. He can't watch her from behind. If he can't watch her, he can't put out the warning cry if she is about to come close to him. And if he can't put out the warning cry than Mommy can't save him from the horrible thing she will do to him, like kiss his head or whack him with a doll.

That all said, me trying to help him made him feel betrayed. Not only, was I flipping him over but I was lifting him on his tender little knees, watching him wobble on his shaky little arms and expecting him to perform like a monkey. I gave up after a couple of sessions that ended in us both in tears.

Than low and behold he started moving, but not the traditional knee, hand, knee, hand way, but the bum scooting way. It is so cute to see him side winding along. I also have to tell you that I think he is brillant. This mode of transportation is a much better way to get around. He is sturdy and fast. There are not red knees at the end of the day and he can keep an eye on his sister at all times.

As you can see by the picture he is VERY happy about being able to get around on his own and explore his surroundings (including computer cords and plants) and I am left asking myself "Why was I in a hurry for him to be on the move?"

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