Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cyclone's 1st Birthday Party


It is so hard to believe our sweet little baby boy is a year old already! The instant he entered this world, he changed our lives forever.

Our birthday blessing for You Mr. Caleb:

May you grow up to always be as content and happy and satisfied in this life as you are right now.
May we as your parents exemplify God's love to you, nuture your spirit and help train your will.
As you grow may you be obedient, always put others first, be patient and full of love.
May you also never loose your sense of curiosity, adventure and humor.
May you grow up to be a man who loves the Lord with your whole heart, to be a man of integrity,  a man of leadership and deep, unshakeable faith.
May you always know how deep, how far and how wide our love goes for you, but that we as humans are imperfect and that the God of this universe holds you in his palm and he is ALWAYS perfect.

Happy Birthday Cyclone! We love you so very much. 

The Party:
Cyclone's birthday party was a blast! I had so much fun planning and baking for this party and thanks to pininterest where the ideas were neverending.

The Decorations:

I went basic blue, green and yellow and number one for the theme. I bought a package of 1st birthday decorations at the local Price Mart for about $4 that included a bib, hat, mess mat ( I used as a banner) and flags for on the front of the high chair. I also bought a candle that matched.


I made these cute flowers out of tissue paper and there were so simple and best of all: FREE! From all the tissue paper from wedding, and baby gifts we have tissue paper coming out of our ears so what better way to use it up. Directions can be found here.

I made this t-shirt by simply using a shirt I already had and cutting out a number one and sewing it on.

The Cake:
I love decorating cakes! This one was especially fun because I had bought an old lazy susan from value village and used it to spin the cake around to decorate it. I also was able to use the amazing mixer my husband got me for Mother's Day to make the batter and icing and it was SO much easier than with my old hand held mixer. 
The base of the cake is a Marble Fudge Cake and the Number 1 is a Classic White Cake with yellow, blue and green food colouring swirled in. The icing is Aunt Isabel's Snow White Icing which is so yummy, easy to make and great to decorate with.

The Treats:

I made gummy candy skewers (which were very popular by the older male cousins), Scotch cookies (shaped like bears, ducks, bunnies and heats), cow flaps ( chocolate macaroon cookies) , skor bites, marshmellows dipped in chocolate topped with smarties, oreos dipped in chocolate and a fruit tray that looked like Elmo (Avalanche was very distressed when people started eating him).

The Guests:

We have an amazing family who all love to help celebrate birthdays. We fed about 35-40 people that night with leftovers to spare and lots of hands to help clean up. This is how the neighbours and their little boy arrived with the presents in the wagon. Too cute!

The Gifts:

Cyclone was not interested in opening the gifts at all, so daddy had fun doing it.  Thankfully he was given lots of clothes for the next stages. Now we have some 18-2years outfits to wear next winter.

                                              Thanks everyone for your generosity!

Cyclone was however, interested in his own little cake. He demolished it and had to have a bath by Aunt Bonnie in the kitchen sink. His cake was a healthier version with blueberries in it and less icing.
It was a VERY memorable birthday thanks to family friends and Pinterest! :)

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