Thursday, 11 October 2012

Autumn Cookie Fun!

One of my favourite memories of my childhood is baking with my mom for certain holidays. At Easter, she always made a bunny cake, at Christmas we always made hazelnut shortbread cookies, and in the fall we made pumpkin shaped sugar cookies. I remember exactly how the kitchen smelled when things were baking and exaclty how it felt to be spending time with my mom doing something we both enjoyed.

Since our family has been traveling the past two weekends, doing intentionally fun and memorable things with Avalanche and Cyclone has kind of taken the back burner. That combined with the fact that it has been awhile since my poor husband has had some fresh baking in the house set me into action. I saw the idea for these cookies on one of my favourite blogs (The Hippie House Wife) a couple of weeks back and put it in the reserve of my mind for a day when I had the time and the energy. Today was that day I guess.

I started my adventure by searching the web for a new sugar cookie recipe because the ones I usually use haven't been getting rave reviews lately. This Sugar Cookie Recipe I found on had a 5 star rating and over 2,000 reviews so I figured it must be good and I wasn't disappointed. The ingredients were simple, it mixed up smooth and creamy, it definitily passed the yummy dough test and best of all the cookies baked up soft and golden.

I mixed the batter and divided it into five balls of colour. I used my Wilton Gel colours to dye the batter and once again was so thankful for that purchase. Then I wrapped the balls in waxed paper and refridgerated the dough for about an hour.

Avalanche helped me flour the counter and rip the balls of dough into small pieces. She thought it was amazing to roll out the dough and see the colours merge with one another. In hindsight I would have followed Hippiehousewife's instructions and rolled it out on parchment paper. The dough stuck to the counter and a couple of Avalanche's poor squirrel's lost their tails.

The colours got a bit mucky after the third or fourth roll but still turned out alright. Mr. Cyclone even got a turn at cutting out a couple of cookies, although I would say he ate way more cookie dough than he actually got made into cookies. The cookies took about 20 minutes too cook and with two eager beavers watching them every second the wait was a long one.

 Both Avalanche and Cyclone would agree that this was a fun fall activity. Now to go clean up the mess.

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