Thursday, 13 December 2012

Inspired Idea - Nativity Scene Thank You

Jesus seems to be disappearing from Christmas. Have you noticed? It has been a slow, progressive disappearance so it may be easy to miss, but it is happening all the same. When I shop in stores I don't hear Christ honouring Christmas carols, I hear songs about Santa's new bag and Christmas personified. It is nearly impossible to buy anything with a nativity scene on it. People wish me Happy Holidays and a Wonderful Season. I heard someone say they were going home to decorate thier holiday tree the other day.  Even school Christmas concerts are avoiding all mention of anything holy. What is happening to this cherished holiday that used to focus people more on the Saviour than distract them from Him?

The reason we celebrate CHRISTmas at all is honour Jesus and his birth. To remember the greatest gift can never be placed under a tree wrapped in paper. But the greatest give of all was given to us by God when he sent his son in the form of a helpless infant, to be raised by sinful humans, to expeirence pain and humilation and temptation and then die sinless for our guilt and shame. God sent a gift that would forever free us from the bondage of Satan, free us from living in our sin and free us from an empty existence. When you take Him out of Christmas everything becomes like a life without Christ, meaningless, pointless and needing to be filled with other things.

As Christians we need to stand up for what we believe the reason for the season is. Wish people a Merry Christmas, don't write x-mas on your cards to save time, call stores and radio stations who play songs about Christ and thank them. Rejoice and acknowledgethe people you notice who are not afraid to put Jesus back in the season.

Hence the reason for this post. I came across one of many ideas of how we can encourage our children to rejoice in outward signs of Jesus at Christmas. When you are out enjoying the Christmas lights, awwwing and ohhing over the pretty displays, make a ruckus when you see someone with a natvity on their front lawn. Cheer and yell and scream and give praise for the families who have remembered what it is about. You can even take it a step further and put notes of thanks in those people's mailboxes who have a manger scenes out. I have made some cards that you are welcome to print and share.

Here are some more ways to selflessly give to your community this Christmas and teach your children to give instead of receive.

It is up to us to bring Jesus back into the heart of people at Christmas. We can stand back and slowly watch him disappear or ourselves make this Christmas more about him for our family and others then ever before. What ideas do you and your family have? Please share.

Merry Christmas and God bless!

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