Friday, 8 February 2013

Fun with Felt Friday - Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies & 1st ever Giveaway

It snuck up on me like a instant chocolate craving. I became addicted to making felt food without warning and haven't been able to turn back since. The crafter in me loves the creativeness of it and the mother in me loves how my children use it to make their imagination's soar. 

I thought I would share this passion with my readers and give you the chance to also become addicted to it. The greatest benefit: it may look real, but has no calories, actually burns calories.

This week, I will share my favourite creation thus far, heart shaped sugar cookies with icing.

1) Start with two whole sheets of tan coloured felt. I cut them into a square shape.
2) Sew around the four edges of both sheets.
3) Chose a cookie cutter shape or shapes and draw them unto your "cookie dough"
4) Sew around the inside of your cookie shapes and around the outside of your cookie shapes.
5) Use sharp scissors and cut on the line you traced between the two sewed lines.
6) Cut out the different coloured icings. Make two sides of one colour.
7) Sew small beads unto one side of one icing piece.
8) Sew the icing together.
9) Easy as that, you have cookies and icing!
 Hint - Felt food really gets easier the more you make. I made two sets of these and my second set took all of a half hour.

Avalanche loves her cookies. She gets her rolling pin from her play dough containter, rolls out the dough, cuts out the cookies, bakes them in her oven, lets them cool and then decorates them. The best part is getting to share them with her "brudder" on a plate complete with a glass of milk. Too bad Cyclone too young to understand that they are only pretend and biting them results in a fuzzy mouth instead of a sugar fix.
Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!
I'm pretty excited to be offering my first giveaway on this site!
Would you like a set of these cookies for your child? That's right! I'm going to send someone a set of these cookies complete with four cookies, dough, icing and cookie cutter.
How can you win?
  1. Become a member of my blog or start following me by email.
  2. Write me a comment and tell me you have become a member and that you would like to win. Simple as that.  I will announce the winner of the giveaway next Friday on the next Felt Food Friday post. :)

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  1. Hey lady! I follow you in my google reader, does that count? :) M would love some felt cookies!

  2. I'm a member and I hope I win (will you post to Australia?). I've also taken a liking to felt food, especially lately,but haven't made anything like this. I don't have a sewing machine so I just hand sew. I hope I win!

    1. I most certainly will post to Australia if you win :)

  3. This is probably too late, but my girls would LOVE these! You are so creative kim!